About the Course

SHEN – Acupuncture

Advanced Post Graduate program in TCM

“Chinese medicine views human as a multi-layer being. From Shen the most yang to Jing the most yin.
This is the core in understanding disease and treatment”

The course deals with unfolding the layers of treatment at the Shen level

  • A comprehensive understanding of the diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders, difficult diseases to cure
    such as chronic conditions and autoimmune diseases.
  • Utilizing needle techniques that can reach the depth of the disease and summon the healing powers of the Shen
    creating powerful clinical results.

Clinical Focus:

> Diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders
> Needle techniques that reach the depth of the disease
> Deep knowledge of acupuncture points
> Creating powerful clinical results
> Hands on clinical experience

If we want to help the patient discover his inner strength, we need to carefully find the hidden places.
This course provides effective clinical tools to any practitioner of TCM.
It will make you see your patients in a completely different way.

Course Outline

Course outline:

This advance course deals primarily with complex problems often seen in the clinic such as depression, anxiety, phobia, chronic disease, autoimmune disease and cancer. Patients come with various manifestations of their suffering which are not only physical.

In Chinese medicine there is an inherent understanding of the body mind and spirit as a single unit, which is directed by the heart and the Shen. All complex disorders are rooted in the Shen or in some aspects of the Shen. Traumas, especially childhood traumas, effect the ability of the heart to connect to our most inner self which causes deep disharmony and disease.

This course provides effective clinical tools to any practitioner of TCM. It will make you see your patients in a completely different way.


  • Ancient point prescription, such as treating aggressive energy (Xie Qi)
  • Special approach, using special points such as “windows of the sky”
  • Points which are directed to treat the patient core and strength
  • Special one needle technique – using a single point will bring about a fast and dramatic cure and allow the patient’s Shen to shine through
  • Bases of using 8 extra meridians
  • Point selection : how to utilize best acupuncture points to reach a balanced and effective treatment – using fewer points maximizes the effect
  • Deeper understanding of the function of points (e.g. GB 13 Ben Shen – root of the spirit)
  • The usage of the 13 ghost points of Sun Si-Miao, windows of the sky – aggressive energy treatment, dragon points and more


  • Pulse diagnosis – simple and effective ways to improve pulse diagnosis
  • A deeper look at tongue diagnosis

Other Topics in the Course

Other Topics in the Course:

  • New Chinese medical approach to psychological traumas and how to treat them
  • More accurate understanding of the patient’s constitution which will help reach a more concise and precise therapeutic plan
  • Better understanding of the spirit’s role in past experience, prenatal experiences, parent’s influence, traumas from childhood and other traumas
  • Clear approach to treatment of trauma and understanding of GUI.
  • The role of the Shen, Hun and Po and the emotions as seen in depression, phobia, anxiety attack, O.C.D (Obsessive Compulsive Disorders)
  • Ancient Chinese medical texts dealing with psychological disorders
  • Expanding the abilities to deal and treat complex cases
  • Treating psychological issues
  • The treatment of trauma and post-trauma

Clinical Experience:

  • Detailed presentation of clinical cases which illustrate a diagnosis and treatment plan that can be easily understood and applied in the clinic
  • Western medical analysis of patients
  • Actual cases with visual presentation including pictures. In addition, demonstrations with audience participation will take place
  • Live case “master class” presentation with western medical approach together with Chinese medical diagnosis includingtreatment strategy and treatment plan.

Course Plan & Dates

Course Plan & Dates:

Length: 3 seminars, 3 days each (75 academic hours in total)

Course Plan – Short:

Seminar Dates Subjects
1 17-19/2-2017 Introduction: 7 emotions
2 9-11/6-2017 5 elements:diagnosis and treatment
3  1-3/9-2017 Trauma Shen and Gui – psychological traumas in TCM

Course Plan – Detailed Plan:



Seminar No Dates Subjects  
1 1a 17.2.17


Introduction: 7 emotions Introduction: Chinese medical science,Shen-mind-Jing7 emotions internal factors of disease
1b 18.2.17


7 emotions 7 emotion internal factors of diseaseTransforming acupuncture points
1c 19.2.17


Transformation with Acupuncture Clinic Clinical application of acupuncture points and strategy for depression, obsessive thoughts etc… 
2 2a  9.6.17


5 elements 5 elements: diagnosis and treatment based on the 5 elements
2b  10.6.17


One needle 5 elements – accurate treatment strategy using one needle. Understanding childhood trauma and their treatment in TCM 
2c  11.6.17


Childhood trauma Clinic childhood trauma continued Shen-Hun-Po Clinic – western medical and Chinese medical diagnosis and treatment
3 3a 1.9.17


Trauma Shen and Gui An in depth approach to psychological traumas in TCM. Trauma as a root to complex diseases Shen- Gui
3b 2.9.17


Treatment of trauma The treatment of trauma in TCM. Special acupuncture points  formulas for traumatic disorders
3c 3.9.17


One minute diagnosis Clinic The power of instant diagnosis – accurate diagnosis methods.Clinic – western medical and Chinese medical diagnosis and treatment


















                                           The Shortest day and the warmest treatment.

Today is The winter solstice (December 21st ) , the shortest day of the year. The day is shortest and the night is the longest. The sun appears at noon at its lowest altitude above the horizon.
The darkest day of the year.
From the point of view of Chinese medical science this is yin of yin.
Chinese New Year occurs on the 2nd New Moon after the Winter Solstice.
Traditionally times of changes had meaning and in Chinese medicine, were special treatments were advocated during this time.

The issue of timing acupuncture and moxibustion treatment regardless the patient condition usually relates to the movement of the sun and moon: times during the day (e.g midday midnight point selection) or during seasons. This approach relates to deep daoist alchemy which encounters the relationship of man to nature and the universe.
Since this is the most yin time, the most yang therapy is employed –moxa –Its nature is pure yang therefore having the ability to restore the primary Qi of the body. Moxa’s effect is also in opening obstruction and dispelling the wind, cold, and damp that has accumulated there in the winter
Therefore warming by Moxa, acupuncture points, which are effective at Tonifying the yang and Qi is used.

This treatment strengthen the immune system and the vitality – the yang of the body..
Moxa treatment is also suggested to benefit the joints. The nature of moxa ( leaf of Artemisia Vulgaris) is bitter and acrid property.
The acrid property is revitalize, moves the Qi while the bitter helps eliminate heaviness from the joints.

The 2 most popular points which have been suggested are ST 36 Zu San Li and BL 43
Moxa on ST 36 Zu San Li :
Moxibustion on the point was recommended by the most famous physician Sun Si Miao who suggested maxa on this point in order to preserve and maintain health.

In the Song dynasty, physician named Zhang Gao recommended a protocol of using direct moxa on this point both equinoxes and solstices for strengthening the yang.
Moxa on BL 43 Gao Huang Shu
The name of this point “Vital Region Shu” indicates that it can reach the vitality – the place where the original Qi is transformed. This point treats a variety of diseases such a chronic lung infections, resolving phlegm and indicted for generalized aching and pain all over the body, it is said to boosting immune functions-yang in the winter. Within it’s actions we can find that is Tonifies the Yuan Qi the original QI. Moxa on this point is aplyied directly using moxa cones or moxa placed on slides of ginger.

A friend told me that he was visiting Hong Kong at the 21st of December and he saw a line of people outside an acpuncture clinic. When he asked for the nature of the treatment they said they all came at this day to have Moxa on BL43 to strengthen their immunity.
Warm (moxa) seasonal greetings,
Yair Maimon

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